Sunday, June 9, 2013


Guess where I am?  No, not in the jungle.  This is actually dear Miss Creative's yard.  SHE calls it a yard, anyway.  She's been telling her friends about all the trees she's planted "in her yard."  So I made an expedition.  I had to make sure she'd planted pine trees.  (My favorite tree, in case you don't remember.)
But I could hardly tell the trees from the jungle.
See what I mean?
Now Miss Creative has mowed it.  Sort of.  I'm still not sure which are trees and which are weeds.  And NONE of the trees are pine trees.  Can you believe it?  Once again, my wishes have been totally ignored.  I'm going to postpone any more expeditions to the   yard    jungle   right now.  It's too depressing.  Besides, I might get lost out there.