Monday, March 14, 2011


How embarrassing.  It's NEXT Sunday that's the First Day of Spring.  Not yesterday.  It's all dear Miss Creative's fault, of course.  If everything were up to me, I would never have made such a ridiculous, stupid mistake.  I never leave the calendar open to the wrong page---the way SHE did...(naturally I thought it was the right page---who wouldn't)...and HER desk is such a mess, not like MY neat desk, so you can hardly find the calendar was I supposed to know?
Maybe I"ll go back to bed until NEXT Sunday.  The RIGHT Sunday.  The REAL First Day of Spring.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


March 20th...time to wake up...(yawn)...Wonder what's happened over the winter?  Miss Creative doesn't seem to be around...(yawn)...nothing different about that.  Since I'm alone...I'm just going to check the back yard...maybe she started on my house.
I should have known.  No house.  And the weeds are almost as tall as they were last fall.  Before they got cut down, I mean.  And they're already...going to seed.  Huge disappointment.  The whole back yard.  Though what did I expect from Miss Creative?  Maybe the front yard is more encouraging...I'll take a peek out the window...
Well, galoshes and garters!  A garden!  Couldn't have been much of a winter.  Nothing like what I've seen in New England.  I'll go outside.   Take a look.  Maybe there's something I can eat.  I'm nothing but skin and feathers.
Let's see...anemones...can't eat them...poisonous, actually (very inconsiderate of Miss Creative).  And some yellow stuff back there...
Lettuce?  Not my favorite food.  And it's bolted.  Flowering and going to seed.  Just like the weeds out back.  Totally inedible.  Typical of Miss Creative to have bolted lettuce, of course.  (Not that I would have eaten it even if it hadn't bolted.)    
Broccoli?? Also not my favorite. And it's flowering.  Going to seed.  Just like the weeds and the lettuce.  
Uh-oh.  Here comes dear Miss Creative.  Back from wherever.  Wonder if she's going to seed.  I'll let you know...