Tuesday, November 30, 2010


What choice did I have?  Cooperate...or lose my blog altogether.  I'm cooperating.  With Miss Creative.  (Whom I am now supposed to tell you is Wendy Watson, Illustrator and Author of Books for Children.  Such a ridiculous, pompous long title.)  Not useful.  Cooperation, I mean.  Takes too long.  Too much fuss and bother.  Too much talking with others.  And  I never get my way  And no one likes....  Oh.  Look at the sunset.
I'm going out for a fly-around...soothe my jangled nerves...

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Too many things to think about.  Miss Creative is apparently starting her OWN BLOG.  The wretched copycat.  She never would have thought of it if I hadn't done it first.  And it sounds like she's expecting MY blog to cooperate with HER blog somehow...and she's even started up on Facebook (whatever THAT is) and is expecting ME to be on Facebook with HER.  ON HER FACEBOOK SITE.  Can you imagine???
(I have to admit that I have been thinking lately about retiring.  This blogging and travelling about has worn me down to skin and bones.  I've lost even more feathers.  In fact I'm practically bald.  My hat blew away twice.  My shoes are full of holes.)
On the other hand, if I retire, who is going to keep track of that---that ridiculous creature and all her---all her shenanigans???
In the meantime, here's the new washer/dryer after its first load of laundry:

Here the crew is working on the roof:

And here the new roof is done---all ready for me to perch on tonight.  It's the perfect color, I must say---even if Miss Creative is the one who picked it out...

As for all that blogging and facebooking nonsense...well, you may never hear from me EVER  again...

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Lots of goings-on around here.  Officialdom, first, of course.  Even we owls understand about that.  So---automobile registrations and licenses.  
Next, landscaping.  Plants for the front yard bed.  Well, that was the original plan, at least. But now there are going to be roofers throwing shingles down all over the place.  (So messy, those roofers.)  Therefore, plants for the front yard pots.  
And lastly---Miss Creative never can get organized, so the washer-dryer saga continues.  NOW the washer and dryer are going to be inside, not outside.  (And let's hope that Miss Creative doesn't change her mind again about this.  For her sake.  Which really means, for my sake.  I'm the one who ends up living with her mistakes, after all.) Since SHE never tells ME about anything ahead of time, I couldn't get my "before" picture for this one. 
Tune in later for the FINAL-AFTER picture for this one.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Why haven't you heard from me for a while?  Because THOUGHTLESS, INSENSITIVE, SELFISH Miss Creative has been hogging the computer again.  I mean, REALLY HOGGING IT.  (Sorry, Hogs. That's just a figure of speech.  You Hogs really aren't hogs.  It's Miss Creative who is so...so...well, so HOGGISH.)  Just think of all the wonderful blog entries that I haven't been able to make.  And what does Miss Creative have to show for all those computer hours?  She says there's a revised sketch dummy for her book called "ONE BROWN TEDDY" buried in all this mess:
Well, if there is a dummy in there, I sure can't find it.  Another one of dear Miss Creative's fantasies, no doubt...