Saturday, November 27, 2010


Too many things to think about.  Miss Creative is apparently starting her OWN BLOG.  The wretched copycat.  She never would have thought of it if I hadn't done it first.  And it sounds like she's expecting MY blog to cooperate with HER blog somehow...and she's even started up on Facebook (whatever THAT is) and is expecting ME to be on Facebook with HER.  ON HER FACEBOOK SITE.  Can you imagine???
(I have to admit that I have been thinking lately about retiring.  This blogging and travelling about has worn me down to skin and bones.  I've lost even more feathers.  In fact I'm practically bald.  My hat blew away twice.  My shoes are full of holes.)
On the other hand, if I retire, who is going to keep track of that---that ridiculous creature and all her---all her shenanigans???
In the meantime, here's the new washer/dryer after its first load of laundry:

Here the crew is working on the roof:

And here the new roof is done---all ready for me to perch on tonight.  It's the perfect color, I must say---even if Miss Creative is the one who picked it out...

As for all that blogging and facebooking nonsense...well, you may never hear from me EVER  again...

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