Thursday, November 4, 2010


Why haven't you heard from me for a while?  Because THOUGHTLESS, INSENSITIVE, SELFISH Miss Creative has been hogging the computer again.  I mean, REALLY HOGGING IT.  (Sorry, Hogs. That's just a figure of speech.  You Hogs really aren't hogs.  It's Miss Creative who is, so HOGGISH.)  Just think of all the wonderful blog entries that I haven't been able to make.  And what does Miss Creative have to show for all those computer hours?  She says there's a revised sketch dummy for her book called "ONE BROWN TEDDY" buried in all this mess:
Well, if there is a dummy in there, I sure can't find it.  Another one of dear Miss Creative's fantasies, no doubt...


  1. What a beautiful mess. Would you be as upset, Bessie, if the new dummy was called ONE BROWN OWL?

  2. Ahhhhhhh! Looks like home. I would be quite comfortable here. Although I notice there are no dirty plates or glasses. I must have snacks when I work. xxooo DF Somehow that dang Indy has stolen my ID. It is ME -D