Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Miss Creative of course did not bother to tell me this was going to happen.  (Or even ask me if I cared.)  But it did.  TODAY.  And what happened?  The destruction of my house.  Thanks to the OMNI-PROFICIENT ONE.  Or actually thanks to insensitive, thoughtless, stupid Miss Creative  (oops---I forgot this was a public blog) So---thanks to just plain Miss Creative, who hired the OPO to do it.  I went outside to watch.  At first.  But it was too...stressful?  (And maybe too...exciting?  If a newer, better house should replace it?)  
So I watched from inside.  Through the kitchen window.  
First the roof...then the walls... the floor...
...and then... 
...nothing left at all.  Except a big colony of black widow spiders.  Living right underneath MY HOUSE (see how convenient it would have been?).  In that grassy area you see.  I plan them...later on.  I've had a craving lately for...well, for candy.  (And if you don't know what I mean by all that...well, check out my blog "ALARMS".  I don't want to have to explain it all over again.)  Maybe that will somehow take my mind off the whole HOUSE PROBLEM...

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  1. Oh, Bessie, hold onto your bonnet. Looks like some big change a comin'.