Monday, May 31, 2010


Here I am. Bessie Beetum. And there's my picture over there.

I can't believe I'm doing this. Going public, I mean. But I've been quiet for too long. I've got to start talking.

It was forty years ago when that Miss Creative rescued me from the display shelf at FAO Schwarz. She seemed real nice, of course. Said she'd take me to the country...find a little hollow tree house for me...even write a book about me. But did any of it ever happen? No. So I've had forty years of sitting on HER mantlepiece, in HER house, looking out of HER window. Hardly any better than sitting on the shelf at FAO Schwarz. But I didn't say anything. I didn't think she'd listen.

So what's finally got me talking, after forty years of silence? Well, dear Miss Creative seems to think she's moving to Phoenix, Arizona. And guess what? That means I'm moving, too. As if I have a choice. Can you imagine? Me, leaving New England? I never thought it would come to this. And the worst part? Phoenix is a DESERT. No trees. No brooks. Probably no mice.

I can't stand it.

Miss Creative just got off the phone. Sounds as though someone's coming tomorrow to pack up all her belongings. I'll keep you posted. If I survive.


  1. Bessie, I love you already! Or maybe that's not how to put it. My sympathies to you.

  2. Be brave, Bessie, dear. Perhaps in Phoenix you'll finally star in your own book. Perhaps there will be rodents of a type you never imagined, waiting for you discover them. Enjoy the adventure! And look after that creative person of yours. She needs you to pipe up every now and then with a bit of your New England practical wisdom.

  3. Oh my, Pierre and I do love Bessie. Is Beetum a New England surname? It is not a midwestern name. Bessie ,don't worry there are "delicious" desert mice and delightful, friendly burrowing owls out west.