Saturday, April 27, 2013


It's been awhile.  I just had to take some time off.  Though I didn't plan on it being  two years.  But SOMEHOW dear dear Miss Creative messed up my blog so it wouldn't work.  Actually I'm pretty sure she did it on purpose.  She didn't want my blog competing with her blog.  (As if anyone would prefer hers to mine.  Mine tells the actual truth, after all.)  But I won't let her mess things up again.  I'm now    taking over    infiltrating    posting on HER blog.  (  So there's no way she can censor me now.  Even if she goes so far as to delete this blog---well I'll still be on her blog.  Just to be safe, you'd better sign up on HER blog right now.  She'll never guess that it's really ME you want to follow.   Sign up now.  Before something awful happens to this one.  I might not be able to rescue it the next time. And then you won't know where I've gone.
Anyway---have things changed?  NO.  I've been left sitting on a shelf for months. Again.  Well, one thing has changed.  The shelf is in Arizona instead of Vermont.  
And take a look at her desk.  Embarrassingly messy.  As usual.  She's obviously an old dog who can't learn new tricks.  (By the way, no one ever says an old OWL can't learn new tricks...)  Time for my afternoon nap.  I'll be back...

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