Sunday, October 17, 2010


Finally.  Miss Creative is back at work.  On a book, that is.  What a relief.  No more of that horrible unpacking.  (At least for now.  I hope.)  No more rustling paper.  Ripping plastic.  Thudding cardboard boxes.  No more mounds of STUFF to trip over and get lost in.  (Well, there are still lots of those.  But at least I know my way around now.  No more NEW mounds of stuff.)  No more of HER moans and groans...

Wait a minute.  Moans and groans.  Plenty of those when Miss Creative works on a book, too.  (Unlike ME.  I never moan and groan.  About anything.  I'm always upbeat and optimistic.  And cheerful.)  But still.  Things are much better this way.  Calmer.  More...normal.  (Yawn.)  I think I'll go sunbathe on the couch for a while...

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  1. Ah, Miss Creative must be so delighted to be wearing shorts and a t-shirt in late October. Her studio looks clean and inviting. Are you allowed to go in there, Bessie?