Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The OMNI-PROFICIENT-ONE came today.  (Much more accurate word than "handyman".)  First task on his list---well, Miss Creative's list---was replacing the toilet.  (I never mince words.  As you know.)  And I was going to help the OMNI-PROFICIENT-ONE.   Point out all his mistakes.   Make tactful suggestions.  (I'm very diplomatic, after all.  And knowledgeable about toilets.)  That was my plan, anyway.  Before I saw him.  After I saw him...well, my plan changed.  Because...um...well, because he was way over six feet tall.   
So I helped Miss Creative organize her studio instead.  (In the middle of it all, Miss Creative got a headache.  Can you believe it?  No stamina.  She had to go lie down.  It was nothing to do with me, of course.)  But I did manage to check up on things just as the OMNI-PROFICIENT-ONE was about finished.  He had done a terrific job, I had to admit.  Even without my superior   Even without my suggestions.   


  1. Wasn't he a good sport, Bessie, to let you watch him as he worked.

  2. My goodness Bessie, you do get into everyone's -- I mean, you do have a way of overseeing everything...