Thursday, September 30, 2010


Miss Creative is in a MUCH better mood today.  CALMER.  She went shopping.  It seems to have cheered her up.  She bought:
TRASH CAN (good---lots of trash around here)
OUTDOOR HOSE (good---for that dried-up yard)
BANANAS (???---and they're probably cooked after travelling in the hot car from the store to here)
LONG OUTDOORS EXTENSION CORD (good---for that weed-whacking)
DUSTBUSTER (good---plenty of dust here needs busting)
SUN REFLECTOR FOR CAR WINDSHIELD (good---the next purchase of bananas won't be Baked Bananas before they get home)
NEW LATCHES TO KEEP INTERIOR DOORS SHUT (bad---makes it hard for me  to silently snoop and eavesdrop vacuum the whole a hurry...) (ACTUALLY, WHEN DID I LAST VACUUM THE HOUSE?  EVEN NOT IN A HURRY?)  ( In fact, have I ever vacuumed the house?)


  1. Bessie, what's come over you?? You've used the word 'good' FIVE times--in one post!?

  2. Cooked bananas could be good (-:

  3. The vacuum might be good for collecting little snack tidbits.