Monday, September 20, 2010


Here we are in...Ohio, I guess.  (Miss Creative doesn't let me see her papers about the trip and where we are.  I mean...I did see them, but...well, I can't remember where we were supposed to be on Day Two.  Or on any other day.  And I can't go poking around in her stuff when she's right there watching me.  I have my standards, after all.)
Here's our hotel room.  Already reduced to a shambles by you know who.  (In other words, NOT ME.)  We've only been in it for ten minutes.  So what else is new?  More tomorrow...


  1. Well Bessie.....look at it this're another day closer to being back in Phoenix. There are some things you'll just have to overlook for now.

    After all, Miss Creative IS doing all of the driving so she's entitled to be messy after a long day.