Sunday, September 19, 2010


Miss Creative and I packed the car yesterday.  (Notice that Miss Creative's brand new backpack is even more embarrassing than mine.) 

Actually Miss Creative packed the car by herself. 

I made lots of good suggestions about how to pack the car.  But of course SHE paid no attention whatsoever.  

In fact she got very annoyed at me.  I have no idea WHY.

Well, that was yesterday.  Today we completed the first leg of our trip to Phoenix.  We're now at our hotel in Rochester, New York.  Or maybe it's Syracuse.  Or Buffalo.  Or somewhere.  Miss Creative drove, of course.  (No chance of me ever being allowed to even touch the wheel.)  But I have to hand it to her.  She always keeps to the speed limit.  (Well, maybe she goes a tiny bit over the speed limit.  Even so, our vehicle is always the slowest one on the road.)  Right now dear Miss Creative is off playing in the heated indoor pool and the hot tub, after which she's ordering a steak dinner at the restaurant.  (I didn't realize she was such a ...such a sybarite.)  She left ME behind in the hotel room.  All alone.  Except for that CAT.  (Not that he's ever a problem for me.  All I have to do is snap my beak at him.  Makes him cower under the bed for hours.)  Ooops---here she comes.  Got to shut this down.  Try to look sad and lonely...  


  1. Glad to hear you're settling into the journey. Did Miss Creative bring you a bit of her steak?

  2. Actually, Bessie, in my opinion your backpack is a bit gaudier than hers. And I will say, though chances are you will not like it, you both look quite adorable in them.

  3.'ll be in Phoenix before you know it so don't fret. A word to the wise nice to the cat. You might need an ally. Lady Bird could be hidden away in Miss Creative's car!