Thursday, June 10, 2010


The past few days have been torture.  Seems to be my lot in life.  I've been dragged around in an automobile with Miss Creative, her daughter, and her daughter's fiance, for hours and hours on end.  We've driven to hardware stores, building supply stores, drugstores, supermarkets, appliance stores, libraries, and probably hundreds of other stores as well.  Too many to even remember.  Each time we stop, THEY all get to go into the air conditioned store.  Of course.  But do I?  NO.  I get left in the backseat of the boiling hot car, in the boiling hot parking lot, under the boiling hot sun.  My brain is cooked.  And has anyone thought that I might get thirsty while I was sitting there waiting?  Or hungry?  No.  I've lost half my weight since arriving.

Speaking of hunger---there's no refrigerator here.  Did you ever hear of such a thing?  Just this big ugly empty space.

That means no fresh mice for me, of course.  Nothing but crusts and water.  When Miss Creative moves me into MY house (IF that ever happens...and I'm not holding my breath) a refrigerator will be number one on my list.

There is one bright spot in this house of Miss Creative's.   It's this corner in the livingroom.

It's a good place to sunbathe in the mornings.  And I get a good view of the---well, I was going to say "lawn"  But there's no lawn.  I'd hardly even call it a yard.  Let's say that I get a good view of the DIRT outside.  Haven't seen any mice yet.  But I HAVE seen something called geckos.  (I looked them up in the Audubon Guide Book.)  And strange things called lizards.  And small, tasty-looking birds...

Some kind of a commotion going on.  Sounds like a big truck...a lot of voices...I'm going to retreat to the closet for the moment...

Well, things have quieted down, and Miss Creative's gone over to her daughter's house.  So I'm just going to take a quick peek, see what's going on...

PINE WOODS AND FIR TREES!  That's what the commotion was---delivering this thing!  Did you ever SEE such a refrigerator?  It's big enough to...why, it could hold maybe 3 million mice!  In fact...I believe I could LIVE in this refrigerator.  In the freezer section.  With the door open, of course.  The downstairs part would be for storing the mice...  

Do you think Miss Creative changed her mind, and she means for THIS to be my new home?  I don't think I'd mind a bit...


  1. Dear Bessie,

    oh, my, what a large refrigerator indeed! I would also be inclined to live in it, if I had to spend another summer in Phoenix! Though your wings might get rather stiff in the freezer.

    I suppose you might have to speak up and ask for food and water when you go out shopping in the car! Maybe Miss Creative could even be persuaded to take you into the air-conditioned stores, if you ask nicely!

  2. Perhaps you have been left in the broiling car (which might be illegal in Arizona) but look at you, allowed on the new sofa. And you look so comfy there. I'd advise you not to eat any geckos on those white cushions though. Miss Creative might not like that at all. As for the new fridge...I think you can get mouse pate from Amazon. com. While Miss Creative isn't looking, place an order from her computer and wait for another truck. Maybe they'll bring the boxes of pate in and stock the fridge for you.

  3. I'm glad you found a spot to rest Miss Beetum...