Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I have no idea how long I'll be here...or when I will once again be snatched up and transported AGAINST MY WILL to yet another...building?  state?  country?  universe?

In the meantime---no time for any watching and looking today.  Too many overdue housekeeping tasks.  Recycled, and threw out garbage.  (Quite a buildup after the past ten days.)  Relined nest with fresh moss.  (Though it still needs tidying).  Replenished pantry at nearby store.  (They must know about owls because they had some of my favorite food items.)

My plan for tomorrow includes:

  • Investigate nearby pine trees for possible living or sunbathing sites
  • Follow up rumors of careless chipmunks in neighborhood
  • Indulge in REAL exercise (that means FLYING---by OWL WING)
Time for sleep.  Miss Creative opens the window here at night.  I don't know what SHE gets out of it---but I can hear all sorts of delicious sounds---tender insects chirping in the weeds, fat moths bumping against the glass, the scurry and rustle of a plump reptile in that heap of rocks...

By the way---don't tell Miss Creative I said this---but actually I'm a little bit homesick for Phoenix...


  1. Dear Bessie,

    Oh, my! So much chaotic activity in the Phoenix house! My feathers would be very ruffled, too–and I'm not even an owl! Yes, it must be quite confusing to fly back and forth between Cape Cod and Phoenix, and not be sure where to settle in! I'm glad there are some careless chipmunks to hunt and other interesting activities on Cape Cod!

    Have a fun summer!

  2. Don't settle in too much Bessie old girl, because a little bird told me that you have another trip coming up next week. To yet another place! However, I do know there are other owls there, plenty of squirrels, and probably a lot of other prey since it's in the woods.

    Brace yourself for another trip, but this time it's in the car, which might be a little less unsettling.