Thursday, June 3, 2010


After yesterday---well, that was the end. The end of me. The end of talking. At least that's what I thought yesterday. But today was so---well, you just wouldn't believe it. It was, I simpy must keep talking. And today started out fine. For once the plan was a sensible one: spend a restful day with Miss Creative's sister. Exactly what I needed---rest. But is that what I got?

NO. Suddenly, without any warning whatsoever, I found myself stuffed into dear Miss Creative's backpack,

bundled into a car, and then dumped out in the middle of nowhere. To wait for a bus. (All because of a little fog, it seems. Or something like that. Something about how small planes can't fly in fog, stupid things that they are. Though what that had to do with anything, I have no idea. I of course have no trouble flying in fog.)

So I found myself on a bus. A bus. Can you imagine? And that was only the beginning. Hours and hours trapped on that bus. Hours and hours squashed into that backpack. I nearly suffocated.

It's only now, looking out the hotel window, that I feel at all comfortable. Because of the big tall pine tree right outside. (It's dark, so you can't see it, but of course I can.) There's a plan for tomorrow. It has to do with big planes that can fly in the fog. But I'm not going to bother saying any more about it. Because it probably won't happen. Especially if it involves something I want. You see what I mean about Miss Creative saying one thing, and doing another? I probably won't sleep a wink tonight, after a day like this.

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