Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I had a shock today.  Apparently it was Miss Creative's birthday.  Not only that, but she celebrated it.  Several times.  (If I were as old as she is, I'd keep quiet about birthdays.)  The other surprise---rather unpleasant, actually---was that I was forced to attend EACH CELEBRATION.  It all started this morning at the uncivilized hour of six o'clock, when I was rudely awakened by HER alarm.  And the purpose of this?  So that Miss Creative and her daughter---and Yours Truly, of course---could go out for breakfast.  (Totally unnecessary.  They already had perfectly good food in their refrigerator.  And I...well, read further.)  
Naturally the restaurant menu did not include suitable items like Poached Mouse or Sauteed Chipmunk.  So I was forced to eat large amounts of Quiche Lorraine, Croissants, Saucisse de Toulouse, Beignets, and Chocolate Mousse (not MOUSE, you notice).  No wonder I began to feel...rather unwell.  As soon as we had returned home, I made a hasty visit to the garden.  Dosed myself with a talon-full of parsley.  
A long nap helped.  By evening I was feeling more myself---just in time to be dragged to the NEXT celebration. Which was observing Miss Creative as she opened presents.  Mountains of them.  Well, maybe four of them.  Followed by another celebration---more eating. 

 And then a butterscotch pie with candles.  (Lighted candles, that is.  Very peculiar.)  

I did manage to eat a few pieces of the butterscotch pie.  (Didn't want to be rude.)  And drank several glasses of the elderberry punch, though it wasn't all that good.
Now the day's over...and I've finally been left in peace.  I'll take a few flaps through the treetops.  Then it's time for sleep.  Til my next post...


  1. But Bessie, did you not give a present to Miss Creative? Not even the gift of a mouse?

  2. Complain, complain, complain! It sounds as though you are having a grand time in New England, Miss Bessie! Great food, beautiful scenery, even some furry creatures to chase. Then again, I am a human and you are an owl, so perhaps we don't appreciate the same things. And all that traveling would be tiresome, even for me. Try to have some fun, though!

  3. Dear Bessie, Please convey my belated birthday wishes to Miss Creative. And tell her she almost shares a birthday with my little granddaughter, Eva Doxie, who turned 5 on July 8th.