Sunday, July 4, 2010


Ten days since I last wrote here, but it feels like ten WEEKS.  More things have happened to me in ten days than happened in the whole forty years of sitting on Miss Creative's mantlepiece.  Remember last time I wrote,  I was crushed into a vehicle with humans, dogs, cakes, and other things?  Speeding (and I mean speeding) along a highway for hours and hours?  Well, we were all on our way to a WEDDING.  Can you believe it?  Bessie Beetum, on her way to a wedding?  Two months ago I never would have dreamed of such a thing.  

Whose wedding?  Well, it wasn't mine, that's for sure.  Ha ha.  No, it was Miss Creative's niece who was getting married.  I must admit that my eyes were watering quite a bit as I watched the bride and groom dancing together.  Must have been all that wild parsnip that was growing around the tent---I'm terribly allergic to it.

And remember those cake layers stacked up in the back of our speeding vehicle?  This is what happened to them.  Miss Creative's sister did this.  Strange to have a stack of chocolate BRICKS to eat...when they could have had something really tasty, like a big bowl of fat mice, or platters of succulent meadow voles.  But you never know about these humans...

Resting quietly for a few days after a big shindig like this wedding wouldn't do for Miss Creative, of course.  OR for her family, I might add.  As soon as we got back to Cape Cod, cousins came visiting.  And more sisters.  And more nieces.  And brothers-in-law.  And probably nephews and aunts and uncles and who knows what else?  (I must say that Miss Creative's family is even bigger than an owl's family.  And a lot noisier.)  The high spot---or really, the LOW spot---of the last ten days was when Miss Creative and ALL her relatives decided to take the 93-year old grandfather down to the beach for a nighttime marshmallow roast.  

Did you ever hear of anything so ridiculous?  Raucous laughing and carrying on.  Grownups acting like owlets.  Even the grandfather.  Most undignified.  It was embarrassing.  Thankfully I, at least, knew how to behave myself.

Oops.  It's dark---time for me to stop.  Got to take my bedtime spin amongst the pine trees.  I'll keep you posted...

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  1. The picture of the couple dancing is great, Bessie. Very touching.