Tuesday, July 6, 2010


There of course was another disappointment during the Wedding Weekend.  (Leave it to Miss Creative to make promises that never come true.)  On the way home we were to travel over the Lincoln Gap.  I had no idea what a Gap was.  But when we went over it (whatever it was) there would be a gorgeous view.  A view of what?  Well, I didn't know that either.  But it was going to be gorgeous.  That was the promise.  So we drove up and up and up along this VERY winding road.  (I actually began to have some...er, trouble...with my stomach.)  Thank goodness we stopped and parked.  We were at the top of the Gap.  (At least Miss Creative said we were at the top of the Gap.  Was I going to argue with her?)  

We got out of the car.  I perched on a fencepost to take a look.  And what did I see?  Scrubby trees, most of them dead.  Scraggly bushes.  If you looked really hard through all the dead trees, you could just barely see a mountain, way way in the distance.  (THEY all called it a mountain, anyway.  I would have called it a hill.  Or maybe just a lump.  I know about REAL mountains, after all.)

See what I mean?  Hardly worth getting out of the car for.  Except at least it gave my stomach a chance to calm down.   

And I still have no idea what a Gap is.

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