Wednesday, August 11, 2010


 There's nothing like a few days alone in the woods.  I feel like a new owl.  (On the inside, at least.  Outside, I look as old as ever.  Or even older.   Not that that's my fault.  Cooped up inside for forty years---that would give anyone crumpled feathers.  AND bald spots.)
Last night I leafed through happened to see Miss Creative's diary lying open on her desk.  Couldn't help reading the first few lines of the day's entry, of course.  (Very careless of Miss Creative, I must say).  The entry started out, "Bessie has given me an idea for something..."  But just then SHE came back and interrupted me...That is, I suddenly needed to go out for a short flight.  Ever since then, I've been wondering what "something" means.  Probably another peculiar non-plan for pointless travel...
But suppose it means "a story"?  

It's 4 pm.  SHE always goes for a long swim right about now.  I'll just take a peak through the studio door screen.  Maybe get an idea of what "something" might be... 
Ooops...Maybe I'd better not disturb her.  I'll bring you up to date later.


  1. Bessie, it sounds as if your quiet life has some new, exciting turns up ahead.

  2. Back on track and keeping an eye on you my friend.
    I am glad you look out for Wendy. I hope you give her a hug for me every now and then.