Friday, August 27, 2010


Miss Creative's sister and her two children GAVE ME A PRESENT.  Me.  Bessie Beetum.  Can you believe it?????
A special travel pack.  Just for me.  For my trip Miss Creative's and my trip back to Phoenix.  No one EVER EVER gave me a present before.  (The candy cane that Santa Claus put into my foraging basket one Christmas doesn't count.  Even though it was my size.  I hate candy canes.  Santa Claus should have known.  It's still in my foraging bag.  Probably mummified by now.)
I looked over the travel pack.  It's got 3 (THREE) separate pockets.  Two of them with zippers.  With string pulls on the zippers.  And the front pocket has a...well, a lid.  And it's lined with fuzz.  I'll keep my reading glasses in there.  There's just one problem.  What about the...the flowers?  They're...well, they're...NOT DIGNIFIED.  Much too BRIGHT.  Too COLORFUL.  They don't go with the rest of me at all. 

I don't care. I am GOING TO USE THIS TRAVEL PACK.  It's PERFECT.  (Except for the flowers, of course.)  It's just going to take me time get used to...well, the embarrassment.  Everyone's going to laugh at me...

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