Saturday, August 7, 2010


First of all, Miss Creative has not been in my the studio because she has been "taking a break."  Taking a break from what?  Wasting paper?  
But worse...I  eavesdropped received some very unpleasant information today.  I heard Miss Creative say to her sister (AND I QUOTE) "I don't really like Bessie.  That's why I've never made a book about her."  
I can't imagine why in the world she doesn't like me.  I'm very likeable.  Nice.  Friendly.  FUN TO BE WITH. And  POSITIVE.
Anyway, I don't like HER, either.  (Sniff.)  I'm going off to camp by myself for a few days...
(I really would like to be in a book, though...AND have a hollow tree house of my own...This is just between you and me, of course...)

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  1. oh, bessie, nothing is private on the internet. sounds like a very bad day for owls.