Monday, August 2, 2010


Last night it was FRIGID.  Well, COLD.  Well, a little bit CHILLY.   I think I'll have to get out my long johns.  

Daisies are dead.   Leaves are turning red.  The crickets keep talking all night about snow. I'd say it's time to go back home to nice warm Phoenix.  But who's going to listen to ME???  Not dear Miss Creative, that's for sure...She's probably decided that she's no longer a Migratory Creature, and is hatching some new ridiculous plan that involves ice and glaciers and below zero temperatures.  And I'll be the last one to find out about it...


  1. Don't you worry about Miss Creative taking you to a place colder than the Cape. But if she does, you are certainly dressed beautifully for the adventure.

  2. Your chilly weather sounds delightful to one who has been enduring temps in the 90's for weeks. Come visit....we have lovely pine trees. In fact for a big city we are covered in trees.