Friday, August 13, 2010


Well, dear Miss Creative is at it again.  Impractical.  FRIVOLOUS.  (Certainly NOT sensible.  The way I am.)  She has all kinds of art supplies back in her Phoenix studio, of course.  Too many, actually.  But does she ever think ahead, the way I do?  Did she bring any of that with her when she flew East?  NO.  OF COURSE NOT.  Instead, she just went out and bought MORE.  Can you believe it?  PROFLIGATE.  Wasteful.  She's just brought in this huge bag of...well.   JUNK would be the kindest way of describing it.  Anyway, she's brought this huge bag of junk into MY SPACE the studio.  Dumped everything out.  Right in my favorite meditation spot.  (No one---especially Miss Creative---EVER thinks of ME.  Of course I'm used to that.)
And why does she need all that junk those art supplies anyway?  I can get along just fine with just one pencil and one piece of paper.  MUCH more economical.


  1. Looks like something's a brewin'.

  2. Bessie, art supplies are an addiction.They is no feeling quite so lovely as having a bag full of new at supplies. I think I must run out to the art store. Bye!

  3. That should be full of new "art" supplies