Friday, August 20, 2010


 I was worrying again about that house of mine in the backyard in Phoenix.  And how it's falling down. And full of black widow spiders.  And can't be fixed up.  And how I'm never going to ever have my own house.  So I was trying to get my mind off things by surfing the net.  Or should I say, over-flying the net?  Anyway, I found out something INCREDIBLE.  There are these buildings called "playhouses".  Sometimes they are called "garden sheds."  And the incredible thing about them?  They are just my size.  Miss Creative could get me one.  Just order it from the internet.  And put it in the backyard in Phoenix.  She actually COULD.  Another incredible thing?  They come as KITS that "anyone can put together".  In just 4 hours.  (Although Miss Creative is not "anyone".  So this part might not work.)

Can you imagine me, Bessie Beetum, living in a house like this?  (Actually I can't either.  It's too...frilly.  Not practical.  But something like it, maybe.  Something plainer.)

Or maybe in a house like this?  

Or even in a house like this?  (Although I don't like the looks of this one much at all.  But if it were mine?  I wouldn't complain.  I'm certainly NOT a complainer.  As you know.)  

The computer (or the internet) is NOT cooperating with me.  The type is coming out in RANDOM sizes.  I can't make it look at all the way I want.  I have NO patience right now.  Can't fuss with it.  Must take a short fly-around.  Calm down.  House possibilities like these are almost...well, almost TOO exciting...

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  1. I want house #2. That way Bessie, I can come visit and stay with you. Miss C can bring our breakfast out each morning, well, early afternoon, as you and I are night owls. May I bring Pierre? He may be a monkey, but he is a gentleman