Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I just got this brilliant idea.  Miss Creative can go on a BOAT to Phoenix.  (And me with her.)  Just think of it.  Salt air.  Blue skies.  A fresh breeze as we scud along.  And NONE of that being trapped inside a plastic bag that's trapped inside a suitcase that's trapped inside an automobile or an airplane.  For hours and days on end, no less.
Oh.  I just now looked at the map more closely.  Boats can't go to Phoenix.  So irritating.  The map makes it look like the ocean is two inches away from Phoenix.  Really misleading.  Deceptive.  You'd think they'd have figured out a better map system by now.  

Well at least I can work on this silly theme problem.  Somehow I've GOT to come up with a theme for this horrible driving expedition.  A theme that I like.  One that will ALSO appeal to dear Miss Creative.  (Of course I'll have to convince her of agreeing with my choice.  But first things first, I always say.)  I don't suppose she'd like the idea of roosting in all the pine trees between here and Phoenix?  Or checking out all the meadows?  Or perhaps sampling all the...um, flavors...of mice between here and Phoenix?  No, probably not.  Well, I'll sleep on it.


  1. Miss Creative puts you in a PLASTIC bag? Hasn't she read the warnings about that? I would report her to Owl Abuse Society. Denise hand carries me and lets my head and arms hang out of the carry on. Not all that comfy but at least I can breath! Pierre Monkey/Editor of Chatter Chronicles

  2. Well, Bessie, if you want to sample all the mice along the way, you might have any ally in Elijah Cat, who I am sure would love to do the taste-tests with you. Tasting the mice, that is. Enjoy the trip as best you can!